(Drafted in Atlanta, GA on May 1994 they were later reviewed during the XIII Regional Youth Encounter held in St. Augustine on September 1994 and reformulated in the Adult Advisor’s Workshop held in Orlando on August 2001)

“Pastoral Juvenil” should be a process carried out by the youth which invites to know and follow Jesus as the source of fullness in life and the true human dignity. This process should stem from reality and life experience of young people and should lead them to an ever growing knowledge and following of Christ and his mission in order to transform their lives, develop leadership and find their true vocation in the Church and society.

Jovenes en clase



SEPI offers to the dioceses resources for the implementation of a one day program to start a youth group, organize it and evaluate it. It also offers support to the dioceses to have retreats by and for the youth:

- EXPERIENCIA CRISTO (CHRIST EXPERIENCE) to promote a process of conversion.
- EXPERIENCIA DE EXPERIENCIA (EXPERIENCE OF EXPERIENCE) for those who are already in a process of conversion.

(Hispanic Youth and Young Adult Ministry)

This course is for youth and adult advisors engaged in “Pastoral Juvenil” to equip them with theoretical and practical elements to help them carry out their ministry more efficiently. It is usually held in July or August. If the student has the required qualifications, Barry University gives 2 academic credits (RSP 435/535) for taking it. See below link to the official brochure.


A two and a half day program for adult advisors working in “Pastoral Juvenil Hispana”or for those considering becoming one. The workshop is designed to evaluate the topic and sub-topics of the “La Pascua” book for the next year, to reassess SEPI’s Principles of Pastoral Juvenil, and to discuss topics of interest for adult advisors. This workshop is usually held during July or August during the last days of the Course on “Pastoral Juvenil Hispana.” Requirement: to have taken the Course on “Pastoral Juvenil Hispana”.

Requirement: Course on PASTORAL JUVENIL HISPANA.


A 3 year program, a week each year, of study, training and spiritual growth for persons called to work as adult advisors for youth groups. The contents of the formation and training sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Principles of Theology for Christian formation
  • Adolescent Psychology
  • Popular Religiosity
  • Work Methodologies in “Pastoral Juvenil”
  • The Socio-cultural reality of the youth today
  • Vocational discernment and spiritual accompaniment

The instructors are specialists in “Pastoral Juvenil” and the courses include a cultural dimension sensitive to Hispanics and are adapted to the level of knowledge of the participants according to the needs of the dioceses. It is usually held the last week of January.
- Requirement: to have taken the Course on “Pastoral Juvenil Hispana”


Catholic faith and catechism for the Youth

Rev. Rafael Capó, Sch. P., former Director of SEPI, traveled on pilgrimage to World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, along with 21 young adults representing our region. These young people, who traveled as pilgrims, returned as missionaries, ready to act, and follow the message of our Holy Father Francis: "Go, without fear, to serve!".

As a follow-up to the missionary dispatch of Pope Francis on World Youth Day, we are conducting workshops for young adults, training with YOUCAT (Youth Catechism), in which the YOUCAT is distributed in Spanish to the participants and they are provided with study resources (print and audiovisual), so that they can train others, share and continue studying the YOUCAT in their communities. These workshops are being taught by young missionaries, from young to young.

During these workshops, the main topics include:

  • Our call to be missionaries of the new evangelization.
  • What is YOUCAT and how is it organized?
  • We dedicate time to each of the 4 parts of YOUCAT, offering resources such as videos and study/reflection questions to support the study of each part.

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Youth Missionary Program: DOCAT

Formation Programs For Missionary Young Adults

The work of SEPI’s young missionary disciples who have developed these resources is a concrete response to the invitation of Pope Francis The Pope knows that you can transform the world if you surrender to Jesus and go with him to the peripheries and enter society with the joy of the Gospel. Therefore, accepting the challenge to be part of the million young missionary disciples of the Social Doctrine of the Church not only means studying the DOCAT and working in a group. It is necessary to encounter Jesus and allow that encounter to lead you to make a commitment, fighting for justice and human dignity, and above all for the poorest. It is necessary that group work and the study of the DOCAT take you to the peripheries, to be Church that goes forth. You are all the Church and therefore you must also worry about the conversion of the Church, so that she may be alive, so that she may be challenged by the cries of those who are most in need.


- DOCAT Study Guide

- Youth Missionary Project: Social Doctrine of the Church

Photo of DOCAT classroom

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Every year since 1980 the youth who take part in this process write a book in which they apply the paschal mystery to a topic they themselves choose and they consider important in their own lives.
The process entails four meetings carried out during several months, usually from May to February or March. The participants receive the book in the final workshop, a week or two before Ash Wednesday and are sent to their dioceses to use the book in their youth groups

At the beginning of every book the methodology to produce it is explained and how to use the materials. Every chapter (to be used during every week in Lent) has:

- An introduction, especially targeting the team who will prepare the sessions.
- Dynamics or activities to be done by the group to better understand the message.
- Dialogues with questions to facilitate communication and sharing within the group
- “The Word of the Lord”, quotes inviting reflections.
- “The Church Says”, texts from Church documents about the topic at hand.
- “Stories from Real Life”, testimonies by the youth about their life experiences.
- Reflections or ideas offered by the youth to better understand the topic.
- Songs
- Activities to be carried out apart from the youth meeting.
- Projects, also to be carried out apart from the youth meeting, with follow-up through several steps.
- Prayers which should be included in every meeting.
- Evaluation, to hear what the group has to say about the process.

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If you are interested in buying some of these books, please contact our Book Service by calling (305) 279-2333 or via email at

Examples of available books:

- Young People, Dare to be a Saint! - SEPI 2019
- Discern your vocation following Mary's example - SEPI 2018
- Join the Process:the Voice of the Youth in the V Encuentro - SEPI 2017
- Mercy: seeing everyone with the eyes of God - SEPI 2016
- A Church Shaking Things Up. Do you accept the challenge? - SEPI 2015
- You’ve got a message: yes, He is talking to you - SEPI 2014
- Faith: learning, believing and transmitting - SEPI 2013
- Technology: Freedom or Slavery? - SEPI 2012
- Spirituality … not only for our Grandparents- SEPI 2011
- Looking towards ourselves: Body, Sex and our Christian Life - SEPI 2010

Foto de los libros de la Pascua Juvenil