Ofrecemos variedad de programas e iniciativas orientadas a acompañar a los jóvenes hispanos del Sureste en su caminar con y hacia Dios a través de la formación, la comunión y la evangelización. Desde el instituto pastoral del sureste se busca promover una acción pastoral desde los jóvenes y para los jóvenes, en la cual a través del conocimiento de sí mismos y el reconocimiento de su identidad en Dios puedan jugar el papel que les corresponde en el mundo de Hoy acercando a otros a Dios.


-  Youlead, Young Latino Summer Leadership Institute
-  Curso de pastoral juvenil
-  Escuela de asesores adultos


Every year since 1980, the young people who participate in this process produce a book in which they apply the Paschal Mystery to a theme that they themselves choose and that they consider to be important and topical in their own lives. The Process consists of 4 meetings that extend over several months of the year, usually from May to February or March. Participants receive the book at the last workshop and are sent to use it in their dioceses and groups.

As of the year 2022, there were modifications in the format based on the needs and opinions of young people. The contents of the book were divided into two dimensions: the personal guide and the leader's guide.

The personal guide is presented in the printed material with a variety of sections that promote reflection by the individual youth. To learn about the sections of the personnel guide: Click here (coming soon)

The leader's guide seeks to offer activities and dynamics that allow young people, from a leadership position, to be able to implement it in their community. To see the sections of the leader's guide: Click here (coming soon)

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- Audios- Facts of life/ Our Stories: DIRECT LINK
- Images and formats (coming soon)
- YouTube channel with playlist of songs: DIRECT LINK


Through monthly meetings of the regional youth ministry team of the southeast and personalized workshops for the dioceses that request it, a process of accompaniment is offered to pastoral leaders based on their needs.

Please contact the Youth Ministry Coordinator Gaby Escalante: