Every 2 years, SEPI organizes and convenes a Regional Meeting for the leadership of the 30 dioceses, which are part of the Southeast Region of the United States which we serve, through its Diocesan Directors and Coordinators of Hispanic Ministry.

The Regional Encuentro is a four-day process during which current issues and formation directly related to regional and national pastoral care and the challenges that they entail for the Hispanic Ministry are shared.

It is a process in which, from the bottom up, both the difficulties and the possible solutions that the leadership is experiencing are brought to light and answers are sought for them.

Our presenters are people actively linked to the reality of the Hispanic Ministry, who can really provide attendees with valuable information to take back to their dioceses.

The Encounter creates links, both diocesan and inter-diocesan, which help to maintain good relations between the pastoral agents who participate in it, helping to make the work more effective.


SEPI serves the 30 dioceses of 5 Ecclesiastical Provinces of the Southeast Region. They are the provinces of Atlanta, Louisville, Miami, Mobile and New Orleans. Each Ecclesiastical Province consists of an archdiocese and a number of dioceses that are part of it.

The alternate year to the Regional Encuentro, the Provincial Encuentros are held. SEPI organizes and convenes the 5 Provincial Encuentros and its mobile team travels to the place of the Encuentro where, with the assistance of the local Support Team, the event takes place.

These Encuentros are for only one day and their cost is minimal, with the purpose of facilitating the participation of a number of people who otherwise would not be able to do so, due to distance and time.

Foto del encuentro provincial
The Regional Youth Encuentro is held every two years and for it all the Youth Ministry leadership of the Region is summoned to evaluate how we are progressing in Youth Ministry, plan for the future and receive training and information on topics of interest. for the participants.

For additional information please contact us at: pastoraljuvenil@sepi.us